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A workplace investigation is an independent and impartial exploration into a concern or complaint in the workplace.  The purpose of an investigation is to enable an organisation establish the facts of an issue before taking appropriate action.  Typically investigations are associated with disciplinary matters where it is alleged an employee has committed some wrongdoing, or breached a policy or procedure in the workplace that might lead to a disciplinary sanction.

There is a legal and constitutional obligation on employers to provide an investigation that follows fair procedures and adhere to the principles of natural justice.  Our Investigators adhere to these requirements to ensure we provide a reliable process with clear and objective findings that can be relied upon.

In most cases an investigation will only be needed for minor breaches, or to correct an issue before it becomes more problematic.  Once an organisation follows its procedures and conducts the investigation fairly it can rely on the findings with confidence.  However when an organisation is considering a serious breach or alleged wrongdoing that may lead to a more severe sanction (such as a demotion, suspension or dismissal) or where the findings may be subject of an appeal to a tribunal, adjudicator hearing, the courts, or a judicial review it is important to ensure the investigator(s) are experienced and strictly apply a fair process.  Under such circumstances your organisation will need to be particularly careful to apply best practice.  It may also be difficult to identify a person within your organisation who is impartial, is sufficiently skilled, or indeed who has the time to conduct a thorough investigation.

At Acrux Consulting we can provide an investigator from our team of highly experienced and skilled investigators.  Our investigators who have successfully completed over 600 investigations in recent years have a reputation of conducting investigations with integrity, fairness, impartiality and respect.   Our approach to conducting investigations is to establish terms of reference for the investigation and to proceed in accordance with your organisation’s policy and procedure, provided they meet the legal requirements.  We manage all aspects of the investigation including report writing and printing, and minimise the requirement for your staff to have to be diverted from their own busy schedules.  Indeed engaging with an external investigator, particularly for more serious issues, ensures impartiality and credibility to the process.

Our lead Investigator, Gerry Rooney, has successfully completed a QQI Level 8 Special Award in Workplace Adjudication, and has been appointed to the Workplace Relations Commission as an external Adjudicator.  This is testimony to the quality and professional service we offer for this important and sensitive process.


Should you wish to discuss any particular aspect of the process then please do not hesitate to contact Acrux Consulting Ltd.

We conduct Investigations in the following areas:


• Bullying and Harassment

• Sexual Harassment

• Grievances

• Health and Safety

• Workplace misconduct

• Abuse in Care – Health Care Sector

• Disclosures and Whistleblowing

• Equality Issues

• Professional Malpractice

• General complaints

Our Process


• Adheres to the Principles of Natural Justice

   and confidentiality

• Applies impartiality and independence to

   the matters at hand

• Is transparent

• Ensures a thorough and rigorous

  examination of the issues

• Includes appropriate terms of reference

  consistent with your organisations policy

  and procedures

• Provides a detailed and definitive report

  of findings based on the balance of

  probabilities from the evidence adduced

• Minimises the administrative burden for

  your organisation

• Includes an initial and free consultation

  with your organisation to discuss

If you are a Public Sector Body and part of the Investigation Framework you can avail of our investigation services at discounted rates.

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