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Human Resources Consultancy

We provide expert and in-depth advice and guidance to organisations in relation to a range of HR practices, procedures and strategies.  Out team of highly experienced and respected HR practitioners have gained a reputation of providing effective HR advice working across a range of organisations and sectors.

• HR Policies and Procedures

Organisations are required to have appropriate HR Policies and Procedures in place to meet legislative responsibilities, and to assist management and staff perform their roles and responsibilities.  Policies and procedures set the standards and behaviours required to maintain a positive working environment.


Failure to have policies in place can lead to costly awards in employment tribunals or the courts. We will work with you to develop the policies and procedures you need to ensure your management and staff are clear of their obligations, responsibilities and entitlements.


• Employment Contracts

Contracts of employment set out roles, responsibilities and meets the employers legal obligations.  In addition properly drafted contracts help avoid unnecessary conflicts and potential disputes.


• HR Audit

HR audits act as a safeguard to risks that might exist in relation to the employer’s obligations.  Our audit approach uses tried and tested diagnostic assessment tools that are updated to review current obligations and best practice.  Completion of an audit takes a number of days, where we assess your operational risks, and make appropriate recommendations to address any weaknesses.  Our HR Audit is also an excellent tool to measure due diligence issues in relation to TUPE requirements., or to ensure your organisation is compliant with your obligations under the plethora of  employee rights.


Applying our audit tool involves a review of current practices, policies, and procedures within your organisation, with options to explore staff attitudes, assess your organisational culture, and development of appropriate actions and plans to implement best practice HR solutions suited for your organisation.  In addition we will focus on employment legislation compliance issues and risk assessment with a prioritised plan of action.


• HR Support

If you lack the resources to have a full time HR person we can provide experienced supports to address your HR issues as the arise.


Our HR Support and advisory model typically involves


  • A monthly ½ day on site visit to address routine matters and meet with senior persons, and address staff issues as required


  • An on demand real time phone/e-mail response for issues as they arise, and


  • HR placements for specific matters at an extra cost.

We provide this service at very competitive rates and generally on a set fee basis, paid quarterly or annually.


Our service is efficient, and is provided to a limited number of clients to ensure you will receive continuity, with a professional approach  and personal touch.,


Having a member of our team available to you reduces your risks and due to a real time response within agreed time frames from one of our team, it cuts your costs and provides you with confidence and comfort that your HR needs are being met.


We can also provide payroll administration through our associate finance consultant.


• Industrial Relations

Our lead consultant Gerry Rooney is experienced in industrial relations, and his services have been recommended by the LRC, employer bodies, HR practitioners and trade union organisations to provide independent reviews and binding outcomes for industrial disputes in relation to such areas as staff re-grading, pay rates, organisational change, conciliations, individual and collective grievances, and redundancy/ termination of employment issues.


• Performance management

Members of our team have designed and implemented successful performance management systems for public and private sector bodies.  Our approach ensures you performance management systems are aligned to your business gaols, reinforce and encourage the required performance outcomes, addresses under performance, and encourages high performance.


Our approach includes reviewing existing systems and making recommendations for change based on your organisations needs and best practice models. We help develop simple to use performance management systems that can be linked to IT reporting models and provide a direct support to your HR and business strategy.  Our approach enable management and staff embrace performance management to drive your and contribute to developing a high performance culture.


• Competency Based Selection

With extensive experience of building competency frameworks for organisations, at Acrux Consulting Ltd we can asset your organisation identify the right competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviours) to drive your business.  Properly designed a competency framework will helps your organisation recruit and promote the right people, and addresses the risks associated with discrimination or poor selection decisions.  Additionally it can assist in the identification of the training needs to develop your staff in the right skill set and reduce time wasted on non-essential training and development activities. Competency frameworks also provide staff with clear career pathways so they can plan and develop their own careers.


• HR and Business Strategy

Strategic planning and implementation is a key enabler to high performance organisations and organisational success.  We know high performance organisations and high performance teams:


  • Know where they are going
  • Ensure their people have what it takes
  • Develop and enable their people
  • Proactively keep their people on track


Our approach is to work with you to identify your values, and ensure they are aligned with your vision and goals, and then assist you build and maintain efficient and effective solutions with your people.  Your HR strategy needs to be aligned with your business goals to inform the fundamental HR interventions needed to meet your strategic objectives.  Our interactive approach with your management team, and employees as relevant, ensures your HR strategy contributes to your organisations success and meets with a best practice model suited to your organisation’s needs.


• Organisational Development And Change

Interventions Implementing change in your organisation, or within departments, can be a challenging experience that is full of risks.  However successful change can be managed and become a significant enabler in your organisation’s development.  Our experience informs us that a key factor to organisational change and development is to adapt a balanced approach between the process improvement changes required and developing the right attitude and culture amongst your staff.  Investing in both the process improvements needed, and your people will reinforce the right attitudes and reduce the negative collective perception that often slows down the pace of change.


Our approach includes a number of key steps as follows:


  • Proper analysis of the process changes required
  • Effective project management and project implementation
  • Identification of the culture and attitudes required to implement the new operating model
  • Staff engagement to facilitate the cultural change required
  • Real time measurement of process improvement and staff attitudes at key points in the project to ensure both hard and soft elements are progressing as planned
  • Effective solutions to address any creep or drift identified
  • Appropriate reinforcement and reward mechanisms  as the project progresses
  • Final culture assessment to facilitate the embedding of the change and that a high performance model emerges.


Members of our team at Acrux Consulting Ltd have successfully led internal change projects, and facilitated organisations successfully prepare for and implement change programmes.  We have access to best practice change models, experience of operating effective project management offices to deliver change and performance improvement, and access to leading culture assessment tools and learning and development interventions to facilitate change and proactive staff engagement in both unionised and non-unionised organisations in Ireland and overseas.







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